COVID-19/Missouri Weekly Update: 4/14 Public Health Reminders

by Taylor Ingram, One for All Missouri

All adults in Missouri are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. As the extensive, collaborative effort to distribute doses continues throughout the state, local public health experts are helping Missourians understand what to expect following their vaccination – including potential side effects and the need to continue taking safety measures.

· Missourians who have been waiting to become eligible for the vaccine or for supply to increase are encouraged to register for their vaccine appointment(s).

o So far, 31.9% of Missourians have initiated their vaccination, and 21% have completed their vaccination.

o Registering through the Missouri Vaccine Navigator, local public health departments and care providers can help Missourians stay informed of vaccination updates and available appointments in their area.

o Missourians can sign up for mass vaccination events happening in their area or book vaccine appointments at pharmacies, health clinics and hospitals.

· Missourians may experience some side effects upon completing their vaccination.

o Side effects are a normal part of vaccination and usually last for one or two days.

o After getting a vaccine, the body launches an immune response that may produce symptoms such as exhaustion or tiredness, muscle pain, chills, and fever.

o These symptoms are a positive sign that the body is building immunity.

o These side effects do not mean the recipient is sick with COVID-19. The vaccine does not contain the live virus of COVID-19 and cannot give recipients the virus.

· While we wait for most of the population to get vaccinated, we need to continue taking steps to stop the spread. Protect yourself and the health of others by continuing safety steps like mask wearing, physical distancing and hand washing.

For more information about vaccines and how to #stopthespread in Missouri, visit our website at or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. One for All Missouri campaign representatives are available to discuss in more detail. 

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